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What types of email options do I get with my WildBlue account?
WildBlue offers an advanced suite of Internet services including the commonly used POP3 (like Outlook or Outlook Express) and web-based email options. WildBlue customers will receive between 5 and 10 email addresses (each with at least 10 MB capacity depending on the package chosen). More email addresses and additional capacity will be available for a minimal extra charge. Learn more about the packages we offer for your home and small office.
Do I get web space with my WildBlue account?
Yes. WildBlue provides customers with between 10 and 20 MB of web space as part of their WildBlue service package. The exact storage space depends on which package you choose to buy. Learn more about the packages we offer for your home and small office.
Do I get dial-up service with my WildBlue account?
Yes. WildBlue will offer a remote-access dial-up service to its WildBlue customers, allowing customers to access their email when they are not at home or out of the office. Instructions for remote access will be included with your installation.
If I have WildBlue, do I need an additional account with an Internet Service Provider (ISP)?
No. The WildBlue service includes all key ISP features like email, web space, etc. If you prefer, you can continue to use your current ISP for email and use the WildBlue service for your broadband Internet access. See your current ISP for details, separate ISP charges may apply.

If I sign up for WildBlue service, can I keep my AOL® account?
Yes, if you prefer. You can use WildBlue for high-speed broadband Internet access and keep your AOL® service if, for example, you want to retain your current email account. You will need to pay a separate fee directly to AOL® beyond your monthly WildBlue fee. Please contact AOL® directly for more information.
Will you limit heavy bandwidth users?
As is standard with other Internet Service Providers, WildBlue will ensure that its service operates at optimum speeds for all of its customers. Since WildBlue is a shared network, we will have a Fair Access Policy (FAP) to ensure that extraordinary usage by a few customers doesn't negatively affect the normal usage of other customers. For the vast majority of users, the Fair Access Policy will have no effect on their usage. For a few very heavy bandwidth users, the system may restrict their bandwidth and therefore their speed. WildBlue's Fair Access Policy will be well-documented and communicated to you before you become a customer. We plan to offer multiple service levels that should accommodate most users' needs.
Do you offer a limited warranty on the equipment?
Yes. You will receive a 90 day labor/12 months parts limited warranty on all equipment at no charge when you become a customer.
When and where will the service be available?
United Services will begin offering the WildBlue service to customers starting in June 2005. The service will be introduced community by community, so please enter your name on Priority Waiting List. (There is no obligation to purchase the service if you sign up for this list.) United Services will contact you when WildBlue is available in your area.
Can I get WildBlue service in a mobile vehicle like an RV or boat?
Not at this time. WildBlue service was designed for stationary locations like homes and small businesses. We do not offer broadband service for mobile vehicles at this time.
What will the installation process be like? Can I install my own dish?
WildBlue professional installers will quickly and efficiently install equipment and activate WildBlue's broadband service at your chosen location. The satellite mini-dish is about 26 inches x 28 inches and can be easily mounted on a roof, outside wall or in the ground. A cable from the dish will connect to a satellite modem (a small box usually placed next to the computer), which will connect to your computer via an Ethernet connection. Installation will require an installation professional to make sure that the dish is pointed at the satellite accurately and to verify that all connections are made properly. Self-installation is not currently being offered.
Can I use wireless home networking with WildBlue?
Yes. WildBlue is compatible with all major wireless home networking products.
Do customers have to have a phone line in addition to the satellite connection?
No. WildBlue offers an efficient 2-way broadband connection that requires no phone lines.
Do I need a southern line of sight to receive a signal from your satellite?
Yes. You will need a clear view of the southern sky to receive a signal from the WildBlue satellite.
How fast is this service? How does it compare to cable modems and DSL?
WildBlue's always-on broadband Internet connection provides a user experience similar to most DSL and cable modem services. At launch, we will offer downstream speeds of up to 1.5 Mbps - more than 30 times faster than today's dial-up speeds. WildBlue's high bandwidth opens up a window to a world of rich content that is largely unavailable through dial-up modems.
What operating systems are compatible with the WildBlue service?
Windows/PC: Windows 98SE, ME, 2000 or XP
Mac: OS 9.x, OS 10.2 or higher

What Web browsers and email clients does WildBlue support?

Windows/PC: Internet Explorer 5.5 & 6, Netscape 6 & 7.x, Firefox 1.x
Mac: Netscape 7.x, Safari 1.x, Firefox 1.x
Windows/PC: WildBlue Webmail, Outlook Express 5 & 6, Outlook XP & 2003, Netscape Mail 6 & 7, Thunderbird
Mac: WildBlue Webmail, Outlook Express 5, Outlook 2001, Outlook 2004, Netscape Mail 6 & 7, Apple Mail, Thunderbird

Will I be able to use a virtual private network (VPN) with the WildBlue service?
Yes. WildBlue recommends the use of SSL-based VPNs as they work well on the WildBlue network because they work efficiently over a satellite connection. Users of IP Sec-based VPNs will find that their VPN will work over the WildBlue network, but it may be slower due to the effects of latency.
What is the impact of latency? Can I play real-time Internet games or make Internet phone calls on your service? The WildBlue system is engineered to help offset the impact of latency, which is the delay caused by sending signals from the earth to the satellite and back again. However, there is a delay of about a quarter second as the signal travels up to the satellite and back down to the ground. For most applications this latency does not affect performance, however, there are some applications like voice over IP (telephone service delivered over the Internet, also known as VoIP), or real-time interactive gaming, where latency will have a noticeable effect on performance over the WildBlue network, as it would on any satellite-delivered service.
What if my computer did not come with a Network Interface Card (NIC)? What can I do?
Many computers can be upgraded with a 10/100 Ethernet Network Interface Card (NIC) - which you can find at almost any consumer electronics store, or at an online store. If you are comfortable with opening your computer and installing hardware, most Ethernet NICs can be self-installed. Check with your computer manufacturer for more information on the right Ethernet NIC for your system. Also, if you have an available USB port on your computer, you can purchase a USB Ethernet adapter (available at almost any consumer electronics store, or online) This may be easier to install than a PCI card in your computer. For a laptop, you can purchase a standard PCMCIA card that provides an Ethernet connection, or you can purchase a USB Ethernet adapter as well. We recommend that you upgrade your computer to meet all of the requirements listed above to get the most out of your Internet experience.
Is WildBlue service affected by weather?
The WildBlue service is only minimally affected by weather, and only under extreme conditions. The WildBlue service will offer availability equal to that of satellite TV. Like satellite TV services, during a very heavy rainstorm, you may notice slower WildBlue speeds, but this should normally only last a few minutes.

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